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Our services


With its 8,000,000 hectares of arable land, the D.R. Congo should normally be one of the largest granaries in the world. With its 100,000,000 inhabitants, the D.R. Congo is a vast agricultural market.

Because we believe that these two opportunities can bring development to DR Congo, we have developed services to help boost the sector.


Agricultural production and processing

We accompany local producers to grow vegetables (tomatoes, onions, garlic, chives, celery, eggplant, vegetables, …) for the local market and fruits and nuts for export (coffee, cocoa, avocados, mangoes, oranges, mandarins …).

We accompany them from a to z of the acquisition of land, to the studies of the land to choose which culture to carry out on it and to direct them towards markets to sell their productions.

We accompany the producers, or the other entrepreneurs who wish it, to transform their productions in order to increase their values before the sale…

Purchase, sale, intermediation and agricultural processing

We are the ideal intermediary between Congolese producers and both Congolese and international buyers. We collect the needs of the buyers and find the products that match their needs.

We help Congolese producers to find credible buyers to sell their production or their processed products.

We are also the ideal intermediary between local producers and processors. We help local processors to sell their products on the local and international market.

Facilitation of agricultural investment

For the agricultural sector to take off, it needs capital. This capital exists, but some producers do not know how to access it.

We assist these producers to comply with the conditions of access to these investments. We also accompany them throughout the production process, from access to investments, to harvesting, to sales.

Facilitation of import and export of agricultural products

We help local agribusiness actors to find products and materials from outside the country.

We help foreign buyers in all the logistics so that their products are delivered in time and in the right conditions, both for agricultural products and wood.

Supplier of Congolese wood species

In D.R. Congo, there are still producers who have valid licenses for the production of wood of sought-after species. Unfortunately, for the uninitiated, it is very difficult to find good species from authorized concessions with exploitation permits.

Also, due to the scarcity and tightening of laws regarding the exploitation of wood, some suppliers do not respect the commitments made.

This is where we come in, we check the solvency of the buyers and the availability and veracity of the stocks and species of wood on the suppliers’ side, so that no party feels wronged.